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‘The potential is enormous’: How VR is transforming healthcare

A Cardiff-based start-up is pioneering virtual reality therapy in Wales and beyond

OVER the past few years, virtual reality has finally made it into the mainstream – and now, it is finding its way into Welsh hospitals.

Many tech companies insist that in the near future, we will all be glued to VR headsets, carrying out our everyday lives in the ‘Metaverse’; a series of interconnected virtual worlds where we can do anything and be anyone.

Tech entrepreneurs set to take over upstairs of newly-revamped Newport Market

Tramshed Tech plans to open the new site this spring in Newport's indoor market, with the exact date yet to be confirmed.

The Cardiff-based digital workspace company will offer 37 offices to be leased out to local businesses and exciting start-ups, as well as co-working spaces, meeting rooms and a mezzanine area for hosting events.

“We wanted to offer a really fun, innovative space for entrepreneurs and start-ups in Newport,” said Lucy Olivia Hopkins, communications manager at Tramshed Tech.

Revealed: Women in Gwent Police earn 21 per cent less per hour than men

GWENT Police has vowed to reduce its gender pay gap “as quickly as possible,” after data revealed women in the force earn 21 per cent less per hour on average than men.

According to Gwent Police’s 2021/22 gender pay gap report, the average hourly pay for female staff is 21.5 per cent lower than men - with female staff earning on average 78p for every £1 earned by their male equivalents.

This is the largest pay gap of Wales' four police forces, and 16th largest in England and Wales.

The report

Musk Has a Better Chance of Reaching Mars than Reforming Twitter

It’s official; Elon Musk has bought Twitter. The $44 billion takeover deal agreed on Monday, comes just two weeks after the world’s richest man rejected the offer of a board seat and submitted his own bid for the social media giant.

What’s the Deal with the Twitter Deal?

The speed at which it has unfolded has surprised everyone — including probably Musk himself. After all, for much of the process it’s been hard to tell if the Tesla founder has been joking. From his suggestion that the company

Is it Time to Delete Facebook?

It sounded like the start of a glorious future. ‘We have a new North Star’ proclaimed Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, as he introduced Facebook’s ambitious new vision of a virtual-reality based ‘Metaverse’ and unveiled a new company name, ‘Meta’. Yet even as Zuckerberg was announcing the rebrand, Facebook was telling employees to preserve all communications from 2016 onwards in preparation for legal action. The vision of a virtual future was all for show; the latest desperate attempt to deflect th

A Year After it Became Notorious, Boogaloo is Still Spreading on TikTok

At first glance, the videos don’t seem that different from anything else users might find on TikTok. There are a lot of memes, lip-syncing, and badly synchronised dancing. But the dancers are in combat gear, the lip-syncs are accompanied by M-16s, and the memes are about killing ‘alphabet bois’, slang for FBI and ATF agents. Welcome to the world of the Boogaloo, the bizarre extremist movement that, despite all attempts to stop it, is still spreading on TikTok.

At its core, this loosely organise

'Rodent-infested' homes left empty for 20 years are finally sold

Homes which had vegetation growing on the inside set for renovation after council forces sale

TWO homes which became eyesores after being left empty and derelict for up to 20 years have been sold after Cardiff Council acquired them.

An FOI request revealed the details of the “overgrown” and “uninhabitable” homes in Adamsdown and Canton which have now been sold at auction.

One house, a two-storey property in Cyril Crescent, Adamsdown, has been empty since at least 1994. Since then, its conditi

Only 16 homeless people found somewhere to live through Cardiff trial

Cardiff pilot of the Welsh Government’s leasing scheme secured six properties, according to FoI

THE pilot of a new scheme designed to combat homelessness in Wales by leasing private properties has housed just 16 people, an Freedom of Information request has revealed.

The Cardiff council pilot of the Private Rented Leasing Scheme has secured only six properties since it began in February.

The scheme, which has now been rolled out across the country, encourages landlords to lease properties to

'Spreading like wildfire': As Covid restrictions end, the ‘infodemic’ rages on

The COVID-19 pandemic has been accompanied by an "infodemic" - an overwhelming surge of false information spreading mostly online.

Now, as the last Covid restrictions are stripped away in Wales, this tidal wave of misinformation could be keeping us from truly leaving the pandemic behind, some experts warn.

Around 5 million people remain unvaccinated in the UK.

Research suggests that many have not been jabbed due to fears about the vaccine having potential side effects, or concerns over its sp

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